Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nothing is cuter than..

kittens. Nothing. Purrrrrrrr!!!!!


Babe in the Woods said...

My parents knew a family that lived on acreage & they had many cats. We often visited & my favorite spot was with the new kittens. Sometimes they would be under the porch, where their mother had them or sometimes they would be under a fallen tree. On one visit we were offered an angora kitten & we accepted to my delite. I called her Susy & took care of her like a doll. She rode around in my baby buggie, wrapped up in a receiving blanket. All went well till she stopped using her litter box. My father was inpatient & got rid of her. This was about 48 years ago when vets were for the farm animals. I was heart broken, never knew what happened to her. Today I am alergic to cats but still have a soft spot for them.

Your kittys are adorable.

marc said...

Funny cats!