Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dahlia the Climber

What is that noise?
Oh My!

Get down!!!!

Wieghts are for humans, not kittens!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Scared Peter!!!!

This is a picture of the hand of the Prince of Pepper Cloud courtesy of Peter Pepper Cat. Peter wasn't mad when he did this, something startled him... bad. Poor Prince of Pepper Cloud. Maybe if we clap really hard he will feel better. Well, he can't clap for himself now, can he?

It's easy to be fooled by this picture taken 30 minutes after the incident. Peter Pepper looks very relaxed and content. We are very glad that he recovered quickly from what ever made him such a scaredy cat.

This is an artist's rendition of the look on scaredy Peter's face at the moment of attack. Where is the camera when you need it?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Morning Pepper Cats

Sunday is supposed to be the sleeping in day, but of course I was up at 6 am. I got out of bed so I wouldn't wake Mr. PPC and puttered around the house for an hour then went to the spare bedroom for a early morning nap. As I was trying to sleep the baby kittens thought it was great fun to run under the covers and pounce on each other, and to make sure I was aware of all of their baby kitten cuteness they would sit right under my chin AND on my face and PURRRRRR very very LOUDLY. I eventually closed them on the outside of the room. Finally when I was really up for the new day, I made some "real" coffee, not my normal decaf. I was sitting on the couch with Mr. PPC watching Power Block on the Speed channel when Peter jumped to sit in my lap and jumped right into my coffee with his back leg. Coffee went everywhere, on our couch, all over me, and all over the cat. I sat stunned! That's me with one eye open enjoying my coffee and Peter on his way to disaster. Here's to a quiet Sunday Morning! Hooray!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sleepy Cats

Tonight's Pictures of sleepy kittens, Dahlia, Prancer and Prancer and Peter. The kittens love Prancer more than he loves them, but he loves them. Prancer in the new kitten tent, boy that's a big mouse!

The other night Peter jumped up on me (he's the small grey one) and his little paws were all wet. Then I noticed that he had gooey litter all in his back paw pads. I thought, yuck, did he pee on himself? When I went to wash him I saw all of the water splashed all around the toilet. He has been facinated with the toilet and water in general lately. I forgot to close the lid. So he must have slipped into the toilet then ran to his litter box. It was quite a mess, but he was a good kitten and took his bath with dignity. He really liked being dried off.

Pepper Cats

Pepper cats are the cats that are a part of Princess Pepper Cloud and Mr. PPC's life. This blog was created to document the frisky lives of these precious beasts. Both Mr and Mrs PPC feel so lucky that we have these wonderful animals in our lives. They keep us smiling and happy even on the worst of days.
Introducting: Prancer (Big Cat), Peter (Piggy Peter Purple Paws) and Dahlia.

Prancer has been in our lives for 4 years now, we estimate him to be 5 years old. He was dumped at my mother-in-laws house (Vlad Beverly). Mr. PPC and I went up for a visit and I immediately fell in love with him. The thing is we didn't take him home that weekend. The whole next week, I couldn't get that cat out of my mind. I felt like we belonged together. Mr. PPC and I went back up the next weekend to collect him, in the process trading my bird "Hank" for Prancer. I never had a cat before only dogs because my Dad and Brother were both allergic to cats. We had dogs, so naturally I tried to play ball with Prancer and immediately put him on a harness and leash. Luckily this cat is my Cat-Soul-Mate and understood my intentions. The pictures below are Prancer playing ball and on his leash outside.

I think my neighbors think I am the weird cat lady, because Prancer does like to take his walks up and down the block. He is not allowed to wander alone, so he gets walked on the leash. Well, they should appreciate the fact that my cats don't poop in their vegetable garden. Most of my neighbors think Prancer if very well behaved and hansome, even the vet says he is buffed.

Peter and Dahlia are the most recent additions to our family expanding us from a very controlled 3 to 5. These two were found in the bushes by the gardeners at my work. My boss and I have for the last three years been catching/fixing/releasing the feral cats in the field next to my work. We take turns on the weekends to make sure they all have food and water and we even have a small igloo doghouse for shelter when it rains. We have been able to keep the colony down to about 7 cats at a time, which goes up and down because we suspect people dump them in the field. Well, the two babies were from one of the ferals we were not able to fix, they barely had their eyes open when the gardeners found them, so we immediately went to the pet store and purchsed kitten-milk and bottles and began to bottle feed them. Furry Friends a local volenteer rescue group was very helpful at giving excellent instruction on how to keep the two alive.