Monday, February 02, 2009

Introducing: Daphne!!!

Focus on my cuteness and not the dirty door mat!

Awe, how could anyone resist me?

This kitty showed up on our back doorstep about a week ago. Hair matted, extremely thin and needy. She has been sleeping in my art studio while I tried to find her owners by posting in the lost pet section and on Craigs list. Today we went to the vet and made sure she was healthy... and now that she has a clean bill of health the next step is to introduce her to the rest of the pepper cats.


Earvin said...

Her fur looks very good.

studio lolo said...

She looks like she has a lot of Maine Coone in her. What a beauty!!! And yay, the boys get a girlie :)

Bobo said...

Hi Daphne, nice to meet you here, your got beautiful fur and gorgeous golden eyes, you definitely a beauty! I'm glad you found yourself a love caring family, clever girl!