Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Morning Pepper Cats

Sunday is supposed to be the sleeping in day, but of course I was up at 6 am. I got out of bed so I wouldn't wake Mr. PPC and puttered around the house for an hour then went to the spare bedroom for a early morning nap. As I was trying to sleep the baby kittens thought it was great fun to run under the covers and pounce on each other, and to make sure I was aware of all of their baby kitten cuteness they would sit right under my chin AND on my face and PURRRRRR very very LOUDLY. I eventually closed them on the outside of the room. Finally when I was really up for the new day, I made some "real" coffee, not my normal decaf. I was sitting on the couch with Mr. PPC watching Power Block on the Speed channel when Peter jumped to sit in my lap and jumped right into my coffee with his back leg. Coffee went everywhere, on our couch, all over me, and all over the cat. I sat stunned! That's me with one eye open enjoying my coffee and Peter on his way to disaster. Here's to a quiet Sunday Morning! Hooray!

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