Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sleepy Cats

Tonight's Pictures of sleepy kittens, Dahlia, Prancer and Prancer and Peter. The kittens love Prancer more than he loves them, but he loves them. Prancer in the new kitten tent, boy that's a big mouse!

The other night Peter jumped up on me (he's the small grey one) and his little paws were all wet. Then I noticed that he had gooey litter all in his back paw pads. I thought, yuck, did he pee on himself? When I went to wash him I saw all of the water splashed all around the toilet. He has been facinated with the toilet and water in general lately. I forgot to close the lid. So he must have slipped into the toilet then ran to his litter box. It was quite a mess, but he was a good kitten and took his bath with dignity. He really liked being dried off.

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